Property Dispute Attorneys

Idaho’s Expert Property Law Legal Team

Scot M. Ludwig & Associates can help resolve any property dispute, using our expert knowledge on Idaho’s specific property laws. We are here to help you understand real estate laws and help you through the process from filing your claim to trial, if necessary.

Property Disputes may include:

  • Disputes over deeds, titles, & boundaries

  • Home loan & Mortgage issues

  • Foreclosure Proceedings

  • Disputes regarding construction, additions, or improvements

With the value of real estate rising and becoming a significant asset in a persons net worth, the need to pursue or defend ones interest in property is extremely important.

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What are Property Disputes?

Property Disputes follow a pretty standard litigation process. Scot M. Ludwig & Associates provides consultation and attorney services with significant experience in property holding and development. It is important to use an experienced attorney to guide you throughout the property dispute process to ensure you’re well-represented and have an understanding of your rights and course of action.

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