Civil Protection Lawyers in Boise

Quickly Protecting Clients with Restraining and No-Contact Orders

Civil protection orders include restraining and no-contact orders. They are designed to keep a victim of abuse safe from a wrong-doer. Here at Scot M. Ludwig & Associates, we walk clients through the process of filing requests for protection orders.

Civil protection cases include:

  • Ex-parte Protection Orders

  • Final or Permanent Protection Orders

Immediately apply for a protection order for you or your children if you need someone to stop contacting or harassing you.

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What are Civil Protection Orders?

Protection orders can be filed in as quickly as one day. A protection order is a document issued by a civil court that orders the person who is abusing or stalking you to stop doing so. A civil protection order is a civil provision with criminal consequences if breached and can be filed even if the person you are filing against has not had any criminal charges pressed against them. Protection orders prohibit or restrict contact between a victim and a wrong-doer. If you are a parent, you can file a protection order that can protect your child, even if you are not in immediate distress. Protection orders can temporarily change custody orders.

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