Business Litigation Attorneys

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Scot M. Ludwig & Associates represent clients in court cases and other kinds of adversarial legal proceedings. We are advocates who are familiar with court pleadings and court processes. We assist clients in litigation if necessary and negotiating resolution outside of the courtroom if beneficial for the client.

Business Litigation cases include:

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Breach of contract cases

  • Commercial disputes

  • Partnership disputes or shareholder litigation

A knowledgeable Business Litigation attorney is extremely important to protect your interests, either as a plaintiff or defendant.

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What is Business Litigation?

Litigation is a legal process that goes through the court system with a judge or jury. In business litigation, there are two parties – the plaintiff and the defendant. The plaintiff files the lawsuit and the defendant is the person whom the lawsuit is against. The first step in any business litigation case is for both sides to acquire an attorney.

Once the plaintiff files the complaint, a summons is issued. The summons informs the defendant of the filing and allows both parties time to gather any necessary materials, records, or evidence. Getting an actual court date set can take several months as information and motions are pursued.

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